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Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Auto Matic Car?

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Auto Matic Car

Autonomous cars are the preferred choice of drivers all over the world. Indians have also joined in the trend. The convenience, the clutch-free shifting, and driving a car that is easy have led people to choose autos over manual cars.

Automatic gearboxes were initially simple mechanisms to change gears that had a significantly lower fuel consumption than manual gearboxes of old. The advancement in technology for automobiles and electronics has produced higher efficiency and more precise automated gearboxes in the modern automobile.

Auto Matic Car

Are you planning to purchase an automatic vehicle in India? Uncertain of the various automated gearboxes available on the market? Before you buy this gearbox, here are five kinds of best automated car gearboxes you must know about: AMT, CVT DCT, Torque Converter, and IMT.

Automated Manual Transmission (or AMT)

Also called semi-automatic gear transmission AMT cars are among the most commonly used automatic cars on Indian roads. In addition to being inexpensive, AMT cars are a simple upgrade of your manual gear vehicles with some design modifications. This type of car is perfect for those who are looking to mix the highest efficiency of fuel with the lowest cost of maintenance.

The AMT gearbox is present in diesel, petrol CNG, and LPG vehicles AMT is typically found in the entry-level segment and mid-level vehicles, such as those the Maruti Swift, Alto, Brezza, and Renault Duster as well as the Tata Nexon, to name just a few.

Continuous Variable Transmission (or CVT)

If you’re in search of an automatic vehicle with a more quiet transmission, CVT cars are the best option. CVT is also utilized in a number of automated scooters (Activa, Dio) in India. Technically speaking, CVT vehicles do not include clutches or gears and so they are perfect for people who are looking for an easier ride on their automated cars.

Similar to the AMT model, CVT comes in many of the popular vehicles in India those as the Maruti Baleno, Honda Jazz, Honda City, and Nissan Micra.

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Also known as direct-shift gearbox (or DSG), Dual-clutch transmission is one of the latest automatic vehicle technologies of the present. In essence, DCT uses a twin-clutch system that is responsible for smooth shifts in gear. Based on the torque of the engine autos use or dry clutches (for DCT)) as well as wet clutches (for DSG).

In the most recent generation of automobiles, DCT offers faster and more precise gear shifts and is extremely reliable and effective. One of the biggest drawbacks is that DCT vehicles have lower energy consumption as compared to manual. If you are feeling a lack of power when driving on hills or during critical overtakes on a highway, you are able to downshift without blinking an eye! Certain cars that have this configuration come with paddle shifters that make driving more comfortable. It is found in numerous popular vehicles like Hyundai Venue, Kia Seltos, Volkswagen Polo, and Ford Figo.

Torque Converters

The Torque Converter technology was one of the innovations that led to the development of automated cars and is the reason it’s frequent to see such automated vehicles along Indian roads. The most appealing feature to torque converters is the nearly quiet as well as “free from niggles” gearbox. If you’re looking for an auto car that can be used for extended use, and that has an effortless gear shift, you should consider DCT vehicles, but you will have to endure its lower fuel efficiency.

Due to their early introduction torque converters are now found in numerous car models like the MahindraXUV, Tata Hexa, VW Polo, Skoda Rapid, and Hyundai Verna.

Intelligent Manual Transmission (or IMT)

In the midst of the most recent innovations in autos that use automatics, IMT offers a complete manual transmission without clutch and no clutch pedal. IMT makes use of sensors and actuators that detect the change in gear and activate your clutch instantly. IMT is the ideal choice for those seeking the full ease of an automated car.

If you hate using the clutch pedal repeatedly in the rush hour or are accustomed to driving while resting your foot on the clutch pedal, but nevertheless enjoy driving with an H-pattern gear shifter, then the IMT is the best option to take!

At present, Good Auto Deals is only available on the Hyundai Kia and Kia cars. Kia Sonet along with the Hyundai Venue has the most vehicles with this configuration of the gearbox.

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