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Camera – the digital magic of every moment

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Camera Guid

Today the camera has become an integral attribute of a modern person, regardless of his age, the field of activity, and hobbies. Young people strive to capture every moment of their active and eventful life. Professionals and amateurs alike create unique photographs that reflect their surroundings. Children, adults, and the elderly have learned to use the camera, capturing moments dear to their hearts.

We offer to buy a camera in Ukraine at an affordable cost in the MOYO retail network. In the online catalog, you can easily find equipment for creating great photos. A team of professionals will help you understand a large number of models and product characteristics. Here you will find high-quality equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers with an official guarantee:

  • Canon;
  • Nikon;
  • Panasonic;
  • Sony;
  • Olympus.

What cameras are there?

A huge selection of modern photographic equipment puzzles even a sophisticated user. Consider cameras in the MOYO online store, which are represented by the following categories:
1. Compact – a budget option for digital photographic equipment. The digital camera is convenient on the road, easy to use, but has mediocre photo quality.
2. SLR – a technique of the middle and high price segment with a mirror viewfinder.
3. System – represents a professional type of photographic equipment with a modular design.
4. With interchangeable lenses – a kind of system apparatus in which it is possible to replace lenses and filters.
5. With digital ultrazoom – a kind of compact digital apparatus with improved characteristics.

Camera Guid

Purpose of photographic equipment

Before buying, decide on the purpose of purchase and the conditions in which the camera will be used:

  • indoors and outdoors;
  • on a holiday and on a trip;
  • Portrait and panoramic shooting.
  • Shooting distant objects and macro photography.
  • For fixing dynamic and static objects.

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You are not a professional photographer, but do you need a convenient camera? Do you shoot mostly outdoors when traveling and walking? Then your choice is a digital soap dish. Do you want to try yourself as a beginner photographer? Not sure where to start mastering a new profession? In this case, your first companion will be an advanced “mirrorless”.

Are you firmly confident in your abilities? Are you attracted to cameras at a high enough price? Look after yourself a good DSLR that will open up new vistas of skill. We advise professionals to familiarize themselves with the range of system equipment, which will allow you to independently select the necessary components that best meet the individual needs of the photographer.

Camera Guid

Modern camera: selection by parameters

The main technical parameters for choosing a device:

  • type, size and resolution of the matrix;
  • photosensitivity;
  • shooting speed;
  • image stabilization;
  • Zoom;
  • flash;
  • viewfinder;
  • display parameters;
  • connection interfaces;
  • type of food;
  • protective properties.

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The most important element of the camera is the matrix. Choose an economical and fast CMOS sensor or a high-quality and cost-effective CCD. Decide what objects you are going to shoot. Depending on this, choose a camera with a suitable frame rate, stabilization level, magnification ratio, and the presence of a flash. If the equipment is equipped with a viewfinder, then set its type: optical, electronic, or hybrid.

When choosing cameras with a display, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the screen: diagonal size, touch controls, and swivel mechanism. The presence of the Wi-Fi module will provide convenient wireless communication of the device. Various types of ports allow you to connect additional equipment. Choose a technique with a powerful battery if you are going to arrange long photo sessions without the possibility of recharging. If you work in extreme conditions, take a closer look at equipment with an increased level of protection.

Camera Guid

You can buy a camera in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, and other cities of the country on the MOYO website. Compare the required parameters of the goods. Evaluate a favorable offer for the sale of photographic equipment of famous brands for promotion. Place your order on the description page. Convenient service will provide fast search and delivery of purchases. You can pick up your purchases yourself from the nearest branch of the company

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