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Benefits of Using a Tent Sign at Work

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Any business that involves face-to-face interactions with customers understands the importance of appearances and making the work building as attractive as possible to new and existing customers. You want to create an environment in which they feel welcome and comfortable to walk in and navigate the space to get to the place where they need to be. A significant way in creating this environment is to make sure that the property is easy to move through and feels intuitive for your customers. They should feel like they can find anything they need without too much guidance by staff. This is where office design comes in to play a vital role. You will want to utilize the space and the design elements within the room as much as possible, so feel free to look at the space more critically and consider what you could add to make things more suitable for new customers walking in and needing to find their way around on their own to the place where they need to be. One trick that we often see companies implementing successfully is using a tent sign to organize the workspace better for customers. Well-placed signs can make the customer feel more at ease walking through a space since they will have this simple form of guidance showing them where they belong. In case you would like some more specific examples of how a tent sign system can benefit your business, here are a few ways that stand out the most for reference.

Identify Departments
If you work in an office that is larger and split up into different departments, then having a desk tent sign can be a great addition to each section. You can label it based on the department’s name and place it at the main desk in each area so that it is displayed clearly along with any other sign you may have to mark the area.

Distinguish Employees
Employees with their own desks can identify themselves with a desk sign that features either their name or job title. This makes the workplace look much more polished and professional to anyone just walking in. It adds to both the organization and appearance of the workplace.

Display Policies
Tent signs could make a more polished alternative to paper signs posted on walls for displaying company policies. These policies could refer to things like smoking, using cell phones, or anything else you want people to be aware of generally without being told directly. Have these signs placed strategically throughout the space and make these messages easy to be aware of.

There are quite a few ways that this simple, passive display piece can benefit the company, you just have to find the way that it can best serve your business and take advantage of that to the fullest. If your company invites customers to walk in and see your employees in person, then you may want to consider using a tent sign to make the space easier for customers to navigate comfortably. It does not take much to do so thankfully, you just have to find an office supplies wholesaler that offers these kinds of signs and customize your own displays based on the messages you wish to clarify to anyone entering the building. A great supplier that we can recommend you check out for these signs is imprintplus.com. We appreciate the consistent quality of their products and the ease of working with them. They are a great resource to have in business for lots of different products so keep them in mind in case you want to mock up a design for a tent sign, name tag, etc.

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