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Avoid Unfair Eviction In Long Beach With A Knowledgeable Tenant Attorney

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People often cave-in with the pressure from the landlord to vacate their property and find alternative accommodation. Do you know if the homeowner was breaking the law by changing the locks or harassing your family via their phone?

To start, avoid a faux pas when consulting a tenant attorney about whether you are being evicted or requested to abide by clauses in the landowner’s lease agreement. Let’s make it crystal clear when the property owner can legally request you to vacate their property-

  1. Rent is overdue for a substantial period. Special considerations have been made because of COVID 19 to protect a tenant facing financial issues. Consult a lawyer specializing in eviction avoidance for Long Beach, CA, to learn more about these new laws.
  2. Severe violations of the lease agreement between landlord/ landlady and tenant that aren’t for trivial matters.
  3. Expiration of lease.

If you’ve received a Notice to Quit, you can be sure the landowner means business. To avoid a lengthy court battle with the owner of your rented property, seek guidance from an experienced eviction avoidance lawyer from Long Beach.

Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries

Paying rent for a property can really seem like a bad investment. Regardless of the amount of rent you pay, it’s taken for granted that you’ll leave when requested. You have nothing to really show for the money you have spent. On the other hand, it’s a win-win situation for any landlord whose tenant pays rent on time and respects their property. It’s an investment with a respectable return on investment (ROI) plus a security blanket should things start spiraling downwards. Some residences are intentionally left vacant except during the holiday season when the owner visits their second home. Others are leased to a tenant who pays the green stuff, keeps the premises well-maintained, and prevents forceful entry onto the property.

Being told to vacate a property can be a nightmare scenario because you were not ready for the landlord’s demand. It could mean you’ve invested in enhancing the property or find the location ideal for a valid reason but still need to find a new home. If finding another property doesn’t sound bad enough, then paying a real estate agent again will mean an unnecessary added expense. Your choice is to vacate and hope your security deposit is refunded or appoint an eviction avoidance lawyer from Long Beach to make the landlord pay for their malicious intent when attempting to evict you.

The Bottom Line

Often you intend to vacate a property, but the homeowner decides to use threats and unethical means to ensure their property is vacant as per their timeline. You must be aware of the rule that only a Sheriff with a Writ of Possession can ensure you leave. As a tenant, you can put yourself in a win-win situation with the best tenant lawyer for eviction avoidance lawyer Long Beach. Whether it’s an out-of-court settlement or you are given the right to continue living in your rented home, the tenant attorney will reduce the time frame and hasten the entire process to prevent embarrassment.

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