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Airsoft Pistol Magazine Not Feeding? Read This

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It’s a common problem; you get a new airsoft pistol magazine to replace the one your airsoft gun came with, and the thing won’t feed. Some forum posts will tell you to turn the thing upside and see if that helps.

It might, but what good does that do you when the majority of airsoft matches are played right-side up. Call us old-fashioned, but that’s not a fix.

A more common problem is that the magazine will feed most of your airsoft ammo and then crap out, especially with one of those extended mags that hold more than a “few” BBs. Many of them feature a faulty design or a weak spring and just won’t feed the last 20 or so BBs, which is concerning since most airsoft pistols come with mags that only hold about 20 BBs in the first place.

So if your airsoft pistol mag won’t feed or can’t feed poorly, what can you do?

How the Mag Works
Some airsoft magazines feed in a straight line whereas others pursue a serpentine course through the middle of the magazine in an attempt to smash the biggest possible number of BBs into the smallest space.

Extended mags, like hi-cap mags, often use this serpentine fix. The longer the spring, the longer it has to travel, but all springs get fatigued over time and with heavy use.

A spring gets fatigued, among other reasons, when it is used heavily and compressed and decompressed a large number of times, though it can be stressed in other ways.

When the airsoft mag’s spring gets “tired” it typically will still feed but may stop feeding the final few (or 20 or 40, you get the picture) airsoft BBs. You’re left with an airsoft pistol that is unreliable at best; you never know when you’re going to pull the trigger on an empty chamber!

That said, if your airsoft pistol magazine is not working or not feeding as it should be, there are a few things you can do about it.

Can You Fix a Sluggish Magazine? (Is It Worth It?)
One, you may be able to fix your airsoft pistol magazine. If you can take the magazine apart without damaging anything, locate the spring that feeds the BBs and check to see if it’s damaged.

If it is, the good news is that some suppliers sell replacement springs for airsoft magazines. If you can locate a supplier where you can get airsoft parts (see below) you might be in luck.

With that said, it doesn’t always make a lot of sense to put that much work into a small piece of equipment that can typically be replaced for a few dollars. While you may be able to get a new spring (and you might want to) it might make the most sense just to get a new mag.

Mag Not Holding Enough BBs?
A separate but similar issue is frustration with the capacity of the airsoft magazine. Even a magazine that feeds reliably and completely might not be good enough for you to carry into a match. A lot of airsoft pistols come with mags that hold something around 20 rounds.

That’s just not enough, even though these are only sidearms. If you need a bigger mag, it might be worth your while to upgrade to either an extended mag or a drum mag. The extended mag makes more sense in competitive play, though, because it is easier and more natural to carry.

Where Can You Get a New Airsoft Pistol Magazine?
Need an extra magazine or some parts like a replacement spring to restore the functionality of your current airsoft pistol magazine? Check our MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com. They offer a price match guarantee and a huge selection of airsoft guns and parts.

Check out their collection today and get in touch with them at 800-581-6620 if you have any questions!

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