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A Brief Breakdown of 8 Popular Types of Knife Handle Materials

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When it comes to premium knives, regardless of what they are used for, they require specific materials that allow for seamless usage every, single time. This of course includes the blade for smooth cuts for the desired purpose(s), but also the handle.

The handle requires the most sturdy and reliable components as well because, well, your grip on such an item really matters! Let’s take a look at just 8 popular types of knife handle materials today.

1. Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber knife handle material is easily one of the best options on the market today. This is because carbon fiber brings its nearly miraculous attributes to any knife handle it lands itself in: light, durable, and both premium quality and feel. Not only that, but it has a stunning aesthetic appeal as well. Amongst all of the possible knife handles available, carbon fiber handles are easily top-tier.

2. Micarta
Micarta is made from thin layers of cloth that have been soaked in a type of resin called Phenol. This process leads to an extremely durable laminate called Micarta. It is so widely recognized and admired because of its unique customizable capabilities along with its soft feel and remarkable grip.

3. Wood
Is there anything quite like the appearance of wood in nearly any application? Not quite, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise as to why it’s used as a strong material for knife handles. It not only provides a unique aesthetic and a sturdy material for handling but also allows for a variety of tree species to be used to meet a variety of preferences. Plus, it’s a cheaper material to purchase!

4. G-10
G-10 is somewhat similar to micarta as it is a material that has also been soaked in resin, specifically epoxy resin, but is also then compressed and baked. The resulting woven fiberglass, which is actually a particular grade of Garolite, is called G-10. This material is ideal for a knife handle because it is everything you could want from a knife handle: strong, lightweight, reliable, and even aesthetically pleasing.

5. Aluminum
Aluminum appears in a host of objects in various industries, just one of which being in the knife industry. Aluminum is used in knife handles because it is a remarkably low-density material and is extremely sturdy, but its main unique advantage is its resiliency to corrosion. Plus, with proper texturizing, it can even provide undeniable grip to the knife user.

6. Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN)
Fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) is a high-strength plastic that, because of its injected molding, is one serious component of any knife’s handle. The strength of it is truly outstanding along with just how lightweight it is.

7. Titanium
Titanium is a material that is used by premium knife manufacturers worldwide as it is one popular type of material that is strong, sleek, and dependable. It is also anti-magnetic and lightweight but also can be anodized in a wide range of colors.

8. Bone, Antler, Horn, and Tusk
There are other natural components that can be found in knife handles aside from wood, such as bone, antler, horn, and tusk. These components are widely revered for their traditionality, stunning appearance, and strength. But, users should be aware of the fact that these materials are also highly porous and often viewed as slippery.

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