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A BigCommerce SEO Expert Can Turn Your Digital Marketing Strategy Around

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Any eCommerce merchants that are late to the organic digital marketing party are losing time. The time to optimize a website structure, content, and more is at the point of inception. If you don’t start optimizing right out of the gate, you’re losing out on potential.

Is BigCommerce Good for SEO?
One of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world is BigCommerce. A Software-as-a-Service provider, it delivers high uptime, excellent security, a fairly open API that’s compatible with a wide range of third-party apps, and plenty of additional native functionality that makes it easy to build a functional online store.

Considering its popularity, one of the biggest questions surrounding the platform is its fitness for SEO, or search engine optimization. In a word, BigCommerce is a good platform for organic marketing efforts. It is compatible with a bunch of fast, UX-optimized themes that are easy to customize. The platform is safe and secure (since it is hosted) and changes to metadata and web content are easy to make at the page level.

However, BigCommerce shares something in common with all other platforms. Success is not built into it. In order to optimize a BigCommerce website fully, it’s beneficial to work with BigCommerce SEO experts that have a great deal of experience optimizing the platform for organic success.

How Does a BigCommerce SEO Expert Boost Digital Marketing Efforts
The number of ways in which a BigCommerce SEO expert can boost the success of a BigCommerce website is much greater than what’s featured here, but these are some of the top ways in which a qualified SEO company can improve a BigCommerce website.

Optimizing web page content
Content is king, and page copy can not only improve a website’s attractiveness to search engines; it can also attract and entice readers to learn more or to buy.

Writing optimized blog posts
See above about the kingly nature of content. Blogs improve readership, client engagement and retention, can boost shares and encourage links, and most importantly (in this respect) can be optimized in terms of structure and keyword density for search engines.

Improving the website’s technical SEO and features
Website structure, layout, code and more can also impact it’s SEO. Even though these factors might not be visible at the surface of a website, a true SEO expert will sniff them out and resolve them.

Improving site speed and security
Site speed and security really aren’t that big of a concern with a hosted platform like BigCommerce, but in order to keep it SEO-optimized, you can take no chances. If there are ant issues with load speed or security for your online store, a BigCommerce expert will find and fix them.

Updating page structure in accordance with on-page SEO best practices
One of the little things about the BigCommerce platform that makes it so attractive is that there are a bunch of page-level features that are easy to optimize, like titles, metadata, URLs and page layout. Your SEO campaign provider will perform the keyword research that underpins success, then optimize your pages for you.

Building internal links and backlinks
Link building is another central piece of SEO, and providers of BigCommerce SEO services will not only improve your internal link structure but sew the seeds of fertile backlinks to boost your DA and referral traffic.

●Monitoring Google Analytics
In order to fully understand the impacts of SEO efforts, you need to keep close tabs on organic Google search results and standings as well as organic traffic and conversion rate figures. A BigCommerce SEO expert should monitor all that for you, and more.

How Can You Evaluate a BigCommerce SEO Company?
Before you start driving traffic to your eCommerce website through the help of a BigCommerce SEO company, here are the things you should look for. A BigCommerce SEO consultant should.

●Have specific experience with the platform.
●Have a client portfolio or a list of case studies for you to consult.
●Be able to offer you evidence of happy past customers (in the form of reviews, testimonials, or otherwise.

Do your diligence and consider how the company handles you while you’re in talks; that could be an indicator of how they will manage communication with you if you actually sign up for SEO services.

Start with a Free eCommerce SEO Audit
Some companies, like 1DigitalⓇ Agency, also offer free eCommerce SEO audit services so you can see exactly how and where your BigCommerce store should be improved. Check out their website today at 1DigitalAgency.com to learn more.

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