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8 Web Development Projects a Shopify Plus Developer Can Deliver [That Will Boost UX & Customer Engagement]

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As of the current moment (early 2022), there are an estimated 1.5 million live websites built on Shopify Plus, and even more on Shopify. As a SaaS platform, it has speed and uptime, security, hosting, and plenty of other niceties built right in.

Specifically, Shopify Plus has unlimited bandwidth, immense processing power (up to 8,000 orders per minute), automatic task management capabilities, and allows for the management of up to 10 stores simultaneously. It’s also compatible with over 1,500 highly useful third-party apps.

But this is not a sales flyer for Shopify Plus. This is about how to make a Shopify store better.

Like all eCommerce platforms, nothing is perfect out of the box. There are always countless ways to improve your website, either to optimize it for SEO or to boost user experience and customer engagement through creative development initiatives.

These are some of the top ways a Shopify Plus developer can improve your online store.

1.Developing a Contact Form
Customers need to be able to get in contact with you and leaving emails and phone numbers is only one way to do it. Sending them off your site or putting the onus of action on them is asking for no follow-up. Integrating a contact form into your Shopify Plus design improves the odds that customers actually will contact you.

2.Creating and Installing a Custom Theme
Few things affect the visual impact and orientation of your eCommerce business’s online store than the Shopify theme you use. Now, Shopify Plus offers plenty of templated themes you can use – but if you want a fully brand integrated website, it suits your interests to work with a Shopify Plus developer to create it for you.

3.Landing Page Development & PPC Optimization
The arrangement of elements on your landing pages (everything, basically) will significantly impact user behavior, including whether or not they convert after clicking on an ad – which costs you money. Optimizing your landing pages through the help of a developer can help improve not only UX but also your PPC marketing campaigns.

4.Improving Site Speed/Minifying Code
A Shopify Plus Developer can also help you improve the speed of your website and can also optimize it by minifying unnecessary code. Considering most users will leave within three seconds if a page doesn’t load, that’s a good move.

5.Installing and Configuring Critical Third-Party Apps/Developing New, Custom Apps
Shopify Plus experts can integrate and configure any of the compatible third-party apps that are compatible with Shopify Plus, but they can also write custom Shopify scripts and develop custom Shopify apps for your website.

6.Integrating Social Buttons
In 2022, social media reigns supreme for customer outreach, communication, and marketing. To the average eCommerce merchant, integrating social media buttons is a herculean task. To the average Shopify development team, it is a walk in the park.

7.Developing and Configuring a Blog
Blogging is a great way to connect with customers, spread brand awareness, share news, and optimize a website. Shopify Plus comes with a built-in blog – but a Shopify Plus developer can customize the design and brand integration of your blog, enhancing usability.

8.Developing a Lead Capturing Form
Don’t let leads slip through the cracks! Not everyone that visits your website will convert, the first time at least. A Shopify Plus agency can design, develop, and then install and configure a lead capturing form so you can entice customers to stay in touch with you – and you can build a book of leads.

Contact a Qualified Shopify Plus Developer Today!
Shopify Plus merchants have everything to gain from working with a development team – a better user experience, a more professional-looking website, custom tools, and much more.

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