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7 marketing tips you need to know about social media

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social media marketing tips

This content is part of my basic guide that I ask all students in my social media courses to review before they start their first class. The format will be available soon so that everyone can access it.

Marketing, communication, and advertising are not my areas of expertise. My only knowledge is empiricism. The strategy was what I studied, and it has been a great help to me. Do you know what Marketing Dynamics is? Through the learning process, I learned many aspects of advertising and marketing, which are crucial in web and social media.

1. Do social networks give us all we need to position ourselves?

There are 2 possible answers to this question: First, social media networks can be a medium but not all. You can get certain things only in the media, radio, television, and outdoors. While social media networks are important, you shouldn’t ignore other media.

The second reason is that you don’t need to have your business resolved before opening a Facebook or Instagram page. It is probably not even 5%. Many businesses mistakenly believe that simply being on social media and posting anything will result in success.

2. Online marketing is better than offline marketing

In digital you will have the same essence as in traditional marketing: an audience, an objective, a list of products/services/experiences, a value proposition, and a desired experience for the customer.

Marketing is not the same thing as marketing. The medium is a powerful medium if used well. The digital medium can be helpful depending on how you market the general message.

3. I need to understand the strategy or delineate it from some source

As you can see, you need a strategy or a marketing plan to make the most of social media. Many companies don’t share their clear strategies with their advertising, marketing, and communication managers. They don’t have a strategy.

You will likely need to either define it or assume certain things. Think about who you normally sell to. Which are our most loyal clients? (Everyone is not an answer) What are our customers’ expectations from us? What are the market’s opportunities? Why do people buy/buy our product? What unique value does our brand offer?

4. How to be attractive in social media networks

What was your first action after you woke up this morning and turned off the alarm? Did you say good morning to your partner?

This question is often asked live, and most people answer me honestly that they check their phones for at least five minutes. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, Post, and others.

Are things different now? It is not. Previously, we used to just get up and read the newspaper or listen to the radio or watch the news on TV. Content has always been a strong attraction for us.

5. Are we connected?

Another reason social networks are so attractive is the fact that we can communicate more easily and economically with people who aren’t close to us through chats.

We can conclude that social networks bring people closer together, but they also drive people away from those who are more close.

This is because people are driven to content. This is important to remember.

6. Users and one-on-one conversations dominate the terrain

Virtually all social media platforms were created with one thing in common: Let’s make it easy for people to use, make it a nice place, and let brands have more power.

This is what does it mean? This means that when a brand has a presence on social networks, it will be operating in an environment where users are already dominant. It is an environment where users interact and talk to each other.

7. Copywriting

You have an additional impact because communication is mostly written. It must be able to go from what you want, to a specific idea to the final published text.

The reputation of the brand and the visual aspects of the content (photos, illustrations, animated or video) have a huge impact on digital communication.

People are easily distracted by their smartphones and computers. You need to put in the effort to create something that grabs people’s attention. Writing for social networks takes more thought and technique than you are used to.

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