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6 Great Plants to Put in Your Front Door Planters

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When you are decorating your home, it can be easy to simply focus on your indoor decor because it is what you will see the most often. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your outdoor space!

This is especially true for your front patio or porch. This location right outside your front door should be properly decorated not only to entice guests and passersby but to also welcome you back after a long day. One of the most classic decorative pieces to put near your front door is flower pots filled with a variety of gorgeous plants.

You can choose from a variety of porch planters, whether they be tall planters, metal buckets, hanging baskets, or planter boxes. It can be difficult to know, though, which plants would look best in your front door planters! Here are just six excellent plants and flowers to put in your entryway’s planters.

1. Ferns
Let’s first start off our list with a classic green plant that has been beloved by gardeners and plant admirers for centuries. Ferns are not only exceptionally lush and green, providing an unequivocal green element to your planters, but also can grow year-round as they are quite resilient to the cold in winter.

2. Shrub Rose
If you’re looking for something with eye-popping color, elegance, and that grows like a shrub, then look no further than the shrub rose. There are several types of these plants (there are several types of roses, after all, so it makes sense when you think about it), so choose one that speaks to you the most!

3. Lavender
Who doesn’t love the scent and the alluring look of the lavender flower? Adding a lavender plant could do you no wrong, as their aromas are unique and enticing, much like their overall look.

4. Petunias
Petunias are vividly-colored flowers that anyone can enjoy. They come in a wide variety of such colors, including pink, red, white, yellow, deep purple, deep red, and so much more! Keep in mind, though, that they only grow a foot high maximum (perfect for something that is low-growing!).

5. Herbs
When it comes to cooking, herbs are easily some of the most flavor-impacting ingredients you can use– and this is especially true when they are fresh. Why not add some herbs into your front door planters to add some unique textures and a practical element you can use to improve your meals’ flavors as well?

When adding herbs to your planters, however, be careful to not overcrowd them and conduct research on which plants can go in the same pot as them. For example, most herbs can grow together just fine– all except mint, because it’s very invasive.

6. Fuchsia
We all know that sunlight plays a significant role in the life and growth of plants. So, if you have an outdoor entryway that is shaded, it may seem like you could never put plants there.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth! You can choose to use plants that don’t require much sun, such as fuchsia. This stunning plant flourishes in indirect sunlight and can even sunburn in too much direct sunlight!

Where to Buy the Best Front Door Planters
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