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6 Decoration Ideas for Your French Country Nightstands

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It is no secret that French country style is exceptionally alluring and can drastically improve the aesthetics of any room in your home. French country style is a synergistic combination of rustic and refined accents. Its goal is to emulate the appearance of a home in the old countryside of France. It’s a truly unique, inviting, and relaxing style to utilize in your home, but especially your bedroom.

One example of furniture that you should have in your bedroom that properly boasts the French country style is nightstands. French country nightstands, in particular, can have various designs but typically have a distressed finish and have options in the number of drawers and shelves.

In order to bring out the best in your French country nightstands (as you should have two to successfully achieve that symmetrical aesthetic), you need to properly decorate them. Let’s take a look at some surefire ways to adorn your nightstands to meet the goals of your desired bedroom style.

1. Perfume Candles
Are there really any better decorations that can not only look superb but also smell so than candles? Perfume candles can provide your bedside tables with a decoration that will both complement your furniture’s look and your bedroom with enticing and even relaxing aromas (when lit, of course).

2. Flowers, Succulents, and Other Greenery
The addition of natural elements brings an unparalleled calming feature to your home, no matter where you place them. These can be in the form of flowers, small plants like succulents, or other plants. This is because natural plants have been known to provide numerous benefits to humans, like lowered anxiety, increased concentration, and much more.

Not only that but plants are simply stunning to admire, ultimately bringing color and unequivocal beauty to your space.

3. Quaint Table Lamp
Another classic decoration to add to your nightstand is a table lamp, but more specifically a small and quaint one. A lamp not only perfectly adorns your nightstand but it also provides you with practical lighting if you enjoy reading in bed at night.

4. Old Books
Speaking of reading, you could even use books to add to your beside tables’ appearance! This is especially true if you opt for older books that look a bit weathered, as these types of books perfectly encapsulate the French country aesthetic. You can place these books either on the tabletop or on the shelf if your nightstand has one.

5. Old Clock
You could also display an old clock on your nightstand’s tabletop! This, too, will effectively cater to the needs of your French country-style bedroom.

6. Picture Frame
Whether you choose to use a picture frame that holds a picture of your loved ones or a photo of a favorite landscape, the aesthetic value of your nightstand will undoubtedly greatly increase with this addition!

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