April 13, 2024


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5 Things Every Shopify Store Owner Needs To Do To Rank Higher

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Merchants who want to leverage the power of eCommerce to build their brand and guarantee long-term growth, recognize the value of Shopify.

This easy-to-use platform gives anyone the power to set up shop and start selling their products to an ever-increasing number of customers who are already looking for solutions and services.

However, with so many merchants competing for the same audiences and markets, only those who know how to take advantage of all the features Shopify offers can dream of making an impact in the eCommerce world.

There are many things you can do to make your Shopify SEO stand out from the rest. However, here are 5 things you can do right now that will give your store an immediate edge.

Invest In A Custom Domain
While Shopify can lend you part of its SEO juice once you set up shop with them, it is better to drop the “myshopify” from your URLs as soon as possible. Custom domains look more professional and are easier to remember by regular customers. We always recommend getting a custom domain from third-party providers that truly reflects your brand value and helps you in your effort to be more easily found online.

Optimize Your URLs
Customized and optimized URLs allow you to add an extra layer of searchability to your website. Editing your URL paths makes it easier for both users and search engines to understand how your website is organized and how they can find what they are looking for more efficiently. Make sure you include the targeted keywords as part of your URLs, and avoid the use of unnecessary or stop words.

Choose An Optimized Theme
Shopify allows you to create great-looking and functional websites from scratch without the need to learn to code. They offer a great selection of themes that can help you get going in minutes. However, they all have different functionalities and features that affect their performance. In general, avoid choosing themes with too many nice-to-haves that you might not really need unless you know what you are doing or are planning to hire an expert Shopify SEO company down the road. Stick to simple and fast themes that allow you to scale up.

Do Expert Keyword Research
You will always find this piece of advice in every SEO tips list. Keywords are the most important part of every SEO campaign and will determine your overall strategy in the long run. Make sure you pay attention to metrics such as search volume, CPC value, and keyword difficulty. High-value keywords with tons of competition are usually not worthy.

Leverage The Power Of Yoast
Now that Yoast just released a version directed at Shopify users, you can use this widely known tool to help you optimize your website in ways that were not possible before. The tool has incredible features that allow you to optimize your content and website structure in a more granular way.

Of course, these are just some basic actions you can take to increase your chance of ranking higher in search engine results. However, nothing beats the power of having a dedicated Shopify SEO company by your side. Visit Genius eCommerce today, and find out more about their incredible Shopify SEO services for merchants like you.

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