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5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2021

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

In the past, the social media platform has proven to be an effective medium for marketing digitally. But, due to the ever-evolving developments, digital marketers need to modify the way they market their business through social media marketing strategy efforts to keep their customers informed. The new year is the ideal time to update strategies to keep up with the most recent trends. However, here are the most anticipated social media marketing tactics for 2021.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

1. Set Specific Social Media Marketing Goals

With 73 % believe in the efficacy of social media-based marketing establishing specific goals for social media is crucial as a method. Contrary to previous times, when marketers had general objectives for their digital marketing and objectives, brands must separate the social media aspect of marketing and other social media marketing strategy. 

EarthWeb’s analysis of TokUpgrade illustrates what growth strategies can assist to achieve these objectives. Marketing goals for social media are best evaluated every month. It is then possible to make changes according to customer behavior and type of industry, competitor, and current customer engagement.

2. Use Contests to Increase Awareness

If you’ve used it previously on social media, then you aren’t new to competitions on social media. Implementing a successful social media competition can assist you more than growing your followers. Contests can be used to market a brand new product or to create interest in interested customers to your products. The best way to utilize contests is to collaborate with an influencer on a social media marketing strategy. Contests should be focused on providing value to your customers while also ensuring that you stay visible to them.

Contests can increase the visibility of your brand, increase the number of email addresses, drive visitors to your website, help educate potential customers to increase sales, and improve the engagement of your customers. The greatest part is the fact that you don’t need to sell physical goods to host an event. For example, if you offer consulting services, your fans might be able to win access to the mini-course or consultation telephone call.

3. Use Videos to Create Deep Connections

The power of videos through social networks is unquestionable.¬†The escalating usage of Instagram Live, TikTok, Facebook Live, and YouTube is sufficient proof that video content is still blowing into social media marketing.¬†Numerous studies show that videos increase engagement as they offer a way to interact directly with users on social media.¬†Furthermore, they’re an ideal option for businesses seeking immediate feedback.

4. Incorporate Augmented Reality to Boost Sales

The expectation is that AR will be augmented (AR) is a different social media marketing technique that is shaping how shopping will be in the near future. Even with eCommerce websites and online stores, many prefer to visit physical stores in order to feel and see the items they are planning to buy. This is the reason for the decrease in the retail trade by 20% as a result of the pandemic Covid-19.

But, thanks to the introduction of AR technology brick and mortar retailers could transform their stores to allow customers to view the products, test them, and buy their merchandise on the internet. Facebook, as well as Instagram, were among the initial social networks to introduce AR filters. But, they currently offer only eyewear and cosmetic products.

5. Take Advantage of Micro-Influencers

In spite of suggestions of influencer-based marketing has reached the pinnacle the engagement of influencers is increasing and is expected to increase more in the coming year. Engaging with influencers can be an effective method to remain relevant and get noticed by a new group of people. Smaller companies that aren’t able to afford huge influencers should employ micro, nano, and mid-tier influencers for their specific niche. Incredibly, these influencers have a deeper and more personal relationship with their followers which makes them a more efficient social media marketing strategy.


Another idea is to encourage satisfied customers to write reviews for your business. Do this on Facebook and off-socially on the Google Business Page and services such as Yelp. Reviews are a huge factor in building credibility and trust for your business. It is usually a matter of asking or an approach to encourage customers to post reviews. Contact us to discuss ways we can help you set up using a tool that can get this done easily.

Bottom Line

It is no question that social media has proven to be a beneficial online marketing tool for companies seeking to increase their reach and increase sales. Thanks to its flexible strategy, digital marketers must be aware of various trending social networks to be sure they make the most of every emerging opportunity. 

However, you must be innovative and avoid simply following trends. The majority of customers want to feel an authentic connection with companies on the internet affordable social media agency. Therefore, you should put your money into what you believe is in line with your brand.

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