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4 Philadelphia Standout eCommerce Businesses

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Philadelphia has always been a city bursting with revolutionary ideas that either reflect the current worldwide technologic state of affairs or give birth to trailblazers and trendsetters who formulate the concepts of tomorrow.

2020 saw a massive growth of entrepreneurs in Philadelphia, and this trend does not seem to be slowing down.

They cover almost any industry with a tech background, which says a lot about the importance Philadelphia eCommerce agencies have in the local economy. They have become the main vehicle or transmission belt between the great minds behind every successful startup, and their target audiences, especially after most trading started to happen online.

Here are five examples of Philly startups that have taken the lead this year.

This tech startup covers the healthcare niche, something that many usually shy away from given the ethical implications. Eternally serves as a vehicle for those who want to have more granular control of their healthcare decisions, especially in moments when that ability is clouded. They have had a great impact on many people’s lives, allowing them to ease the burden on their families and relatives, and making sure they are treated the way they want to be treated. Eternally serves as a way to ensure customers there will always be someone willing to advocate on their behalf during hard times.

Common Paper
This Philly startup is dedicated to solving a problem most technology firms encounter when dealing with clients or other businesses. The people at Common Paper understand the legal problems behind commercial contracting, and their goal is to streamline the whole process, making it faster and more efficient. This is a dream come true for many in the tech world where we sometimes feel the only thing slowing our projects down is a ton of red tape. Common Paper seeks to give others the ability to move deals forward in a faster way.

The Round
With a more “local” feel, The Round seeks to cover that coveted “last mile” most distributors and suppliers dream of. When the pandemic hit, many people were reluctant to go to public spaces, even to get essential products. Those in the eCommerce industry soon noticed this and started building logistic facilities located closer to their end-users. However, covering the last mile to the doormat, was still a problem. The Round offers an extremely reasonable membership that allows users to cover their most “instant needs” at prices that compete with area stores.

Genius eCommerce
What started as a modest Philadelphia eCommerce agency in 2012, is now one of the fastest-growing SEO companies in 2022. They had a decent track of successful SEO campaigns right before the pandemic hit. That’s when they saw the opportunity to completely turn the tables and reinvent their processes, making them able to offer real and fast solutions to businesses making the jump towards online trading. Genius eCommerce has helped hundreds of businesses grow across the country, and now boasts a roster of eCommerce experts from all over the world.

The growth of these companies is proof that Philadelphia is still one of the greatest tech hubs in the US, and that Philly is on track to become a top-five tech city in the near future. If you are in Philly, and have great ideas that need to be shared with the world, there are plenty of opportunities for growth. However, you will also need the help of experts who can translate your dreams and values into effective marketing vehicles.

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