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10 Tips To Clear CA Foundation Syllabus Seamlessly

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Tips to clear ca foundation

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India organizes the CA exam. Students who appear or pass in grade 12 can appear for CA Foundation Exam. ICAI conducts examinations in May and December. Before entering the CA foundation, you must understand the syllabus, models, and techniques for obtaining high scores.

The exam is divided into three levels-

  • CA Foundation
  • CA Intermediate, and
  • Final

CA is the hardest exam to take and crack. You can complete the  CA foundation syllabus easily by following given tips to clear CA foundation syllabus.

CA foundation preparation tips by CA wizard's experts.

1. Manage your time for the CA foundation.

If you are considering cracking the CA, then manage your study time. CA needs to sit for 8 hours a day to practice and solve problems. Decide your daily goal and complete it. Develop your strategy. Don’t waste time scrolling useless stuff on social media and watching TV. Manage your study and entertainment time.

2. Prepare time table for CA foundation.

Prepare a timetable and allocate time for all subjects. Without a timetable, it isn’t easy to complete the course on time. Practice more subjects where you are weak. Give more time to the hardest subjects. Allocate your time according to your subject knowledge. You must work on the subjects you are weak in and practice more. Manage your time and develop strategies.

3. Daily study.

If you want to crack the CA, study every day. Make a habit of sitting for a long time every day. Practice your problems and do practice every day. This will help you in the exam; you have time to recheck your answer sheet.

4. Make own notes

While studying, make your notes in your language because it is easy to understand. Then, when you study and write in the copy, you will never forget what you have learned. Present notes in the notebook, such as highlighting, difficult coloring points, and other methods. It can help you easily modify and understand your notes during the exam.

5. Command over calculator

Make commands on the calculator. Try to solve more problems with the help of a calculator to increase speed. If you have enough command of it, it will help you solve the problem quickly in the exam. Practicing with a calculator every day can speed you up. Learn the shortcut keys to solve equations quickly.

6. Join coaching classes.

Coaching Academy has experience in preparing students for exams and cracking exams. They provide notes, lectures, mock tests, online test series, etc. The teacher covers all the course outlines to help you understand easily. They explain the concepts in-depth and give tips for high scores in the exam. This help to complete the CA foundation syllabus on time.

7. Revision full course

Try to complete your syllabus quickly so that you have time to revise the complete syllabus. Revising the syllabus will know how much you have learned and show your mistakes. The complete syllabus of the CA foundation is difficult to cover, so it is easy to divide your subjects and modify them accordingly. Make your notes to revise and cover each topic quickly.

8. Solve mock test and previous year exam papers

After finishing the revision of your subjects, then solve the mock test and the previous year’s test paper. This will let you know what kind of questions will appear in the exam and how much knowledge you have. You know your actual speed and help improve your speed. Solving a mock test every day will make you aware of your weaknesses and strengths in the subject.

9. Take proper diet

Sometimes students are busy studying and don’t have time to eat nutritious food. Bad food habits can cause stress, physical weakness, and anxiety. So eat a proper diet on time to keep your brain running at high speed. The brain needs rest, and proper rest will make you faster than before. Eat regularly and try to eat some dried fruits.

10. Be positive

The final game of achievement depends on physical and mental health. Stay calm and positive. Sometimes an excessive mind will hinder your performance. A calm mind will increase your confidence and help you get more scores on the exam. So try not to be nervous before the exam. Be free.

FAQ’s related to the CA foundation

Q. How to get a high score in CA Foundation?

Ans. Divide your time into topics. Practice more. Solve as many problems as possible. Show your notes and clarify them to make it easier to understand. Do as many mock tests and online test series as possible. The complete course was revised last time. Cover the topic of getting high scores.

Q. What to learn in the last 1 or 2 months?

Ans. Revised the notes, methods, and formulas of all subjects. Try to cover all topics before the exam as much as possible. Improve the speed at which you do practical problems. Revised case study.

Q. Are science students eligible for CA Foundation?

Ans. In fact, any type of stream student is eligible to give the CA exam. But you have the basics knowledge.

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