May 29, 2023


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7 Things Shopify SEO Services Must Cover! [Essential for SEO]

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Avoid in Forex Trading

Avoid in Forex Trading

Most online merchants and Shopify fans will tell you that Shopify has lots of SEO-friendly features and functionality. They’re not wrong. Shopify, as a hosted platform, is fast and secure, automatically generates a sitemap, allows for relatively straightforward on-page optimizations, and has many tools and apps that are optimized for SEO. It’s also compatible with a lot of fast, UX-optimized, responsive themes.

But no platform is perfect. Shopify is like a blank, blemish-free canvas. It takes expert, insightful Shopify SEO services to paint a fully-optimized picture.

1.Keyword research
Keyword research underpins almost every SEO optimization out there that isn’t technical. Link building, content publication, and most on-page optimizations are directly impacted by keyword research and research strategy.

Investing in poor keywords is literally throwing good money after bad. A seasoned Shopify SEO service provider will have the skills, experience, and tools necessary to help choose the most lucrative keywords for your campaign.

2.A custom-built strategy
Don’t give money to a provider that doesn’t build you a custom campaign. Does your business attract customers because it is exactly the same as every other competitor in your industry?

That’s what we thought. If you’re going to rise above the competition, you can’t be using the same vanilla, cookie-cut campaign that your competitors are using. You need one built around your strengths, to your strengths.

3.Website code optimization
Shopify themes are often fast, lean, secure, and optimized, but any website can become clogged up with useless code as administrators make tiny changes. Through no (direct) fault of their own, sometimes unnecessary code bogs down a theme behind the scenes.

This useless code is usually invisible to human users, but it is a gigantic snare for crawlers that will get confused and may penalize your website for it. An expert Shopify SEO services provider will sniff out extra code like a bloodhound and kick it to the curb.

4.Speed optimization
For the most part, Shopify and the themes it supports are fast and optimized for the user experience. However, if there are changes that can be made to boost speed, a Shopify SEO expert will find them, make them, and your site will rank more effectively for it.

5.A custom content strategy
Content is one of the most important ranking signals in SEO and it is only getting more important. Keyword density, structure, length, link structure, depth, and authority all affect the user experience and as a result, websites with content rank more effectively than those that lack it.

An SEO agency will employ a team of experienced writers to learn about your core strengths and then deliver content that ranks effectively, attracts both users and search engines, and improves your online store’s overall ranking in the search results.

6.Internal link optimization
You may have heard about how important links are, but did you know that internal links were a part of that? Search engines take note of internal link structure, if it is logical, and if it improves the user journey.

Shopify websites with an optimized internal linking structure will enjoy better results from their digital marketing efforts and will reap the rewards of higher organic traffic and probably higher conversion rates as well.

7.External link building
External links, also known as backlinks, are an extremely important part of SEO for eCommerce businesses. They provide referral traffic and indicate to Google that your website is an authority in its field.

The more backlinks you have from quality sources, the better your Shopify website will rank. All custom SEO strategies must contain a linking strategy to boost authority, rankings, and traffic. It’s a flat Shopify marketing strategy without one, frankly.

The Clock’s Ticking: Start Investing in Shopify SEO Services
Every day your website goes without expert Shopify SEO services, the more your opportunity cost will accrue. Start generating higher organic rankings today with a custom-built Shopify SEO strategy from Genius eCommerce.

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